The New EPA Indoor airPlus Program

New Guidance on how to Build a Healthy Home can be applied to Existing Homes
The EZ Breathe Ventilation System Fulfills Many airPlus Program Requirements

The following information explains the new program set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is a step in the right direction toward creating healthier homes and families with better indoor air qualities.

You can start improving the air quality of your home today by contacting Dry-X Waterproofing to learn more about the EZ Breathe ventilation system. This amazing unit can be installed in a basement or crawlspace to reduce indoor air pollution, eliminate moisture, dampness and contaminated air. Since the EZ Breathe can do all that, it fulfills 7 of the EPA’s 37 Indoor airPlus requirements. Learn more about the EPA’s new guidelines below then call  Dry-X Waterproofing to get a FREE ESTIMATE on an EZ Breathe ventilation installation.

The New EPA Indoor airPlus Program Checklist

The Environmental Protection Agency has created the “Indoor airPlus” program ( as an addition to the Energy Star homes program. Studies have repeatedly shown that many “green”, or Energy Star homes, have subsequent moisture issues and indoor air quality issues, due to the tighter building envelopes. “Indoor airPlus” is designed to address the indoor air quality issues, as well as other requirements for a healthy home.

It is important to note that this is a new program, for new homes that are being built today and homes that will be built in the future. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t apply to the over 130 million existing homes in the United States. However, the good news is…the new guidance on how to build a healthy home, can be applied to existing homes as well.

A checklist of 37 requirements is necessary to earn the “Indoor airPlus” designation for a new home. The EZ Breathe Ventilation System fulfills seven of these requirements for new construction and also as applied to an existing home in an effort to have a “healthy home”.

“1.4 Basement/crawlspaces insulated & conditioned”

EZ Breathe fulfills this requirement as it exhausts damp, contaminated air out of the space, and conditions the basement or crawlspace with upstairs conditioned air.

“2.1 Approved radon-resistant features installed”

EZ Breathe is a proven method of reducing radon levels in the home. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer death, according the American Lung Association. Radon-resistant features will keep radon from entering the home. However, in existing homes it difficult to implement these features as they are often implemented during initial construction. Therefore, in existing homes, radon is most likely entering the home. EZ Breathe captures radon at its entry point, the lowest level of the home, and exhausts it to the outside, removing the harmful gas from the home.

“4.5 Whole house ventilation system installed to meet ASHRAE 62.2- Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low Rise Residential Buildings requirements”

EZ Breathe fulfills this requirement. The national standard for ventilating homes, ASHRAE’s table for determining the appropriate air flow rates for homes varies from 30 cubic feet per minute(cfm), and up to to 165 cfm for homes larger than 7500 square feet. The EZ Breathe System can be adjusted with a simple turn of the speed dial to accommodate the entire range!

“4.6 Local exhaust ventilation to outdoors for baths, kitchen, clothes dryers, central vacuum systems, etc.”

EZ Breathe fulfills this requirement. Exhausting moisture and contaminants at their source is the best way to ensure removal from the home. The EZ Breathe system is a ventilation appliance that rests on the floor of the lowest level in the home (basement, crawlspace, slab) and removes the water vapor, soil gases and other pollutants that naturally enter a home through this foundation. In addition, EZ Breathe can be used near any contaminant source for example: aquarium, pet area, nail salon, art studio, indoor pool, etc.

“4.8 Additional dehumidification system(s) or central HVAC dehumidification controls installed ( reccommended for warm-humid climates only)”

EZ Breathe fulfills this requirement. The EZ Breathe Ventilation System dehumidifies by exhausting the humid air from the basement or crawlspace and draws the dry, conditioned air from the upper levels down to replace the humid air. The EZ Breathe does so at one-tenth the electric usage of a traditional dehumidifier.

“5.6 Exhaust fan (minimum 70 cfm, rated for continuous use) installed in garage & vented to outdoors (controls optional)”

EZ Breathe fulfills this requirement. EZ Breathe has an adjustable speed fan with a capacity up to 176 cfm. Automotive exhaust, and other fumes off-gassed by a car, lawn mower, weed wacker, etc. in a garage can accumulate to dangerous levels. In addition, if the garage is attached, those fumes will naturally be drawn into the home, unless garage ventilation is provided.

“7.2 Home ventilated before occupancy OR initial ventilation instructions provided for buyer”

EZ Breathe fulfills this requirement. EZ Breathe is one of the most cost effective strategies that provide whole home ventilation. Materials inherent in the building process are extremely harmful and toxic such as formaldehyde, glue, epoxy, resin, carpet fiber, varnish, paint, etc. Exhausting those contaminants prior to occupancy is critically important. That “new home” smell is actually a dangerous “cocktail” of chemicals!

by Tim Chapin – Certified Healthy Homes Specialist, N.E.H.A; N.C.H.H