24hr Basement Water Damage Repair Waterproofing VideoDoes your basement get wet after heavy rains or melting snow?

Is it damp, moldy or sometimes just smells bad?

If your basement is invaded with water damage due to flooding,chronic moisture issues or foundation cracks it’s important that you act immediately. Moisture damage left unchecked can lower the value of your home significantly. And the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Basement water damage can lead to adverse health conditions, loss of valuables, electrical dangers and difficulty getting home-equity type loans.

And if you have moisture problems in your basement up to half of your home’s space can’t be utilized.24hr Basement Water Damage Repair offers dependable, professional service that will solve these moisture issues for good. As an experienced service provider, 24hr Basement Water Damage Repair takes the time to do a comprehensive inspection of your basement and crawl-space, inside and out and is equipped to provide you with a variety of repair options; even if it means rebuilding walls or repairing foundation issues.

24hr Basement Water Damage Repair has been recognized as the number one waterproofer, serving customers from New York and Connecticut. Our highly regarded reputation can be attributed to our extensive experience, rapid response time and thorough attention to detail all backed by a lifetime warranty.

24hr Basement Water Damage Repair Basement Waterproofing solutionsAt 24hr Basement Water Damage Repair we don’t just do the quick fix and move on. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Nothing says it better than our list of satisfied customers and A plus BBB business ratings. We even provide you financing options so you don’t have to delay fixing problems that are only going to get worse. Keeping your basement dry, your family safe and your investment protected from water permanently. 24hr Basement Water Damage Repair – we’re there for you. To schedule a free basement inspection and receive a detailed assessment on the condition of your foundation, contact us.